IJPB at the 10th anniversary of the BAP division

December 14, 2023, INRAE, Versailles
Many members of IJPB participated in this “Plant biology and breeding” BAP division festive event held at the Versailles site, where the headquarters of the BAP department is located.

The BAP division, the largest Idivision of INRAE (10% of the entire institute), was created by merging the "Plant Biology" (BV) and "Genetics and plant breeding" (GAP) divisions. This merger facilitated collaboration between the scientific communities of physiologists and geneticists. One of the two examples of scientific collaboration between these two communities following the BV-GAP merging was presented by Olivier Loudet, head of the "Variation and Abiotic Stress Tolerance" VAST team in collaboration with his colleagues Christophe Maurel and Philippe Nacry (IPSIM): "Quantitative geneticists and physiologists join forces...!". Johanne Thévenin from the "Seed Development and Quality" SEEDDEV team also presented one of the two technical talks: "Transcription Factor Networks in Seeds." Scientific presentations were interspersed with one-minute videos from the 44 units of the division.

Three IJPB scientific highlights were put in the spotlight on this occasion:
> "Deciphering the complexity of cell division patterns through 3D modeling" (2019-2022), Philippe Andrey, MiN team
> "Development of a bio-inspired and bio-sourced stimulation technology to optimize seed batch germination - Establishment of the Seed In Tech (SIT) startup" (2021), Loïc Rajjou, PHYGERM team
> "Contrasted epigenetic regulation distinguishes transgenes from endogenous genes in the plant Arabidopsis thaliana, explaining the systemic post-transcriptional silencing" (2021), Hervé Vaucheret, epiARN team

IJPB at the 10th anniversary of the BAP division
Video IJPB at the 10th Anniversary of BAP