Magalie UYTTEWAAL Research Scientist

Spatial Control of Cell Division

IJPB publications (2006-to date) [7]
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Boudaoud A, Burian A, Borowska-Wykret D, Uyttewaal M, Wrzalik R, Kwiatkowska D, Hamant O (2014). FibrilTool, an ImageJ plug-in to quantify fibrillar structures in raw microscopy images. Nat Protoc, 9:457-463. PubMed | DOI
Uyttewaal M, Burian A, Alim K, Landrein B, Borowska-Wykret D, Dedieu A, Peaucelle A, Ludynia M, Traas J, Boudaoud A, Kwiatkowska D, Hamant O (2012). Mechanical stress acts via katanin to amplify differences in growth rate between adjacent cells in Arabidopsis. Cell, 149:439-451. PubMed | DOI
Gonzalez-Melendi P, Uyttewaal M, Morcillo CN, Hernandez Mora JR, Fajardo S, Budar F, Lucas MM (2008). A light and electron microscopy analysis of the events leading to male sterility in Ogu-INRA CMS of rapeseed (Brassica napus). J Exp Bot, 59:827-838. PubMed | DOI
Uyttewaal M, Mireau H, Rurek M, Hammani K, Arnal N, Quadrado M, Giege P (2008). PPR336 is associated with polysomes in plant mitochondria. J Mol Biol, 375:626-636. PubMed | DOI
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