New IJPB doctoral students being women

Taking the opportunity of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science to present them, 11/02/24

Four of height first-year doctoral students are women.

> Emilie Baconnais is interested in the role of apoplastic pH in the control of plant cell expansion, supervised by Herman Höfte, "Primary Cell Wall" PAR team.

> Sophie Bigot is deciphering the temporal dynamics of gene networks during leaf morphogenesis, directed by Nicolas Arnaud, "Transcription Factors and Architecture" FTA team and Jasmine Burguet, "Modeling and Digital Imaging" MiN team.

> Mélanie Deoliveira e Silva is addressing the multiscale integrative modelling of plant growth, supervised by Alexis Peaucelle, "Primary Cell Wall" PAR team.

> Anne-Solenn Valadon is studying the diversity, plasticity and genetic determinism of the specialized metabolome of pea seeds (Pisum sativum) "Seed Development and Quality" SEEDEV team, supervised by Massimiliano Corso, "Seed Development and Quality" SEEDEV team and Vanessa Vernoud, Agroécologie, INRAE, Dijon.

A fifth doctoral student, Miryam Iannaccone, will join the "Chromatin Dynamics and Signalling" CHRODYNO team in April on the topic: cell elimnnaition in seeds, supervised by Enrico Magnani.

Research developed at the Institute Jean-Pierre Bourgin for Plant Sciences

New IJPB doctoral students being women