Career Day: PhD and Beyond...

Ph.D. Students' Day IJPB 2023 - Meeting and roundtable, discussion with 7 Former IJPB IJPB PhD students

Half a day was devoted to testimonials from former IJPB PhD students who are currently pursuing careers in fields other than academic research. The following participants took part in the interactive and friendly discussions: 

> Orianne Broussard
Eco-design project manager at CITEO, more
Thesis in the APSYNTH team, 2015

> Frédéric Chauffour
President of the startup Seed in Tech, more: news 20/9/23 & 17/12/20
Thesis in the PHYGERM team, 2018

> Federica Demarco
Scientific project manager at the National Research Agency (ANR)
Thesis in the CATS team, 2014

> Nicolas Gobron
Leading company in regulatory expertise for the cosmetics industry, Expertise Réglementaire Toxicologie Conseil (E.R.T.C)
Thesis in the OrgaRepro team, 2012

> Vincent Jauvion
Head of the physico-chemical analysis laboratory at Terres Inovia
Thesis in the epiARN team, 2010

> Julien Renou
Professor of Life Sciences, middle & High schools
Thesis in the PAR/GAS team, 2018

> Lara Spinner
Quality Manager for Suppliers and Customers at Laiterie H. Triballat-RIANS
Thesis in the SPACE team, 2009

This half-day event was organized by the thesis reference group of IJPB, consisting of the following eight researchers: Nicolas Arnaud, Françoise Budar, Jasmine Burguet, Betty Cottyn, Isabelle Debeaujon, Mathilde Fagard, Sophie Jasinski, and Matthieu Simon.

Career Day: PhD and Beyond...